This is the phase of treatment after your braces are removed that retains the teeth in their final position. You can expect some minor tooth changes after the braces are removed. Our in-house lab will provide you with retainers designed to fit your teeth and custom made to prevent a return of the original problem. It has been shown in the research that 2/3s of orthodontic patient's teeth will want to return to the original position regardless of the orthodontic treatment provided so it is extremely important to follow recommendations of Dr. Branson and her staff during this critical time.


It has also been shown in the literature that the distance between the lower teeth decreases over time, this is a normal aging change. Regardless if you have had braces or not, the lower front teeth shift over time. Patients that clench or grind their teeth also have been shown to be predisposed to shifting of their teeth. Wearing retainers on a semi-permanent basis can help alleviate this type of aging change.


At our office, we provide for those patients that are candidates, cemented lower retainers that if monitored every 6 months can be a life time investment in straight lower teeth. It is extremely important since these are cemented in the mouth that the patient continue to see their general dentist every 6 months to have them evaluated for looseness and cleanliness.



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